Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Charcoal Edition Or £50 Cash

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Charcoal Edition Or £50 Cash

Winner is: Justine Henderson

Ticket number: 84
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Draw Details

Live draw on 6th March 2024

The draw takes place regardless of sell out.

The competition will close sooner if the maximum number of entries are received.

Live draw to be held on our facebook.

Entries only 79p

ONLY 249 tickets to be sold!

About this bundle

1 x Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Charcoal Edition Or £50 Cash

What do Hotel Chocolat have to say about it?

It’s the ultimate in hot chocolate indulgence. The charcoal grey edition of the Velvetiser means you’re just 2.5 minutes away from barista-grade liquid chocolate velvet. Create your new hot chocolate ritual.

Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, the Velvetiser is designed to be as beautiful as the drink it creates and aesthetically designed to complement any kitchen and precision-engineered for effortless use. Simply add milk, sprinkle single-serve sachet, press the button, then 2.5 minutes later, pour.

The on-trend anthracite grey edition of this in-home hot chocolate system will fit right in on any kitchen countertop. The clever design makes both right and left hand pouring smooth and seamless. And the Velvetiser is quick to use and even quicker to clean – just remove the whisk and rinse the non-stick interior with water. It’s not suitable for dishwashers, but they only slow you down.

Reimagine indulgent hot chocolate in your own home. Wake up to a breakfast booster. Relax with an indulgent podcup full of smooth and velvety chocolate. Enjoy a post-workout pick-me-up.

The entry number is limited to 249.

This competition ends on 5th March 2024 7:00 pm (Europe/London), there is a limit of 249 entries per person.

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