HKS Full Car Service Bundle or £300

HKS Full Car Service Bundle or £300

Winner is: Reice Luddington

Ticket number: 144
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Draw Details

Live draw on the 8 December.

The draw takes place regardless of sell out.

The competition will close sooner if the maximum number of entries are received.

Live draw to be held on our facebook.

Entries only 99p

ONLY 400 tickets to be sold!

About this bundle

1x HKS Limited Edition Snapback
1x HKS Limited Edition drying towel
1x HKS Super oil for your vehicle
1x HKS Oil filter
1x HKS Super coolant 4L
1x HKS Brake fluid 1L of your choice from the range
1x HKS Panel filter for your car
1x HKS Spark plugs (set) for your vehicle
1x HKS Coolant radiator cap for your car
1x Sytec fuel filter


The entry number is limited to 400.

This competition ends on 7th December 2023 6:00 pm (Europe/London), there is a limit of 400 entries per person.

To enter couldn’t be easier

  • Step 1: Find a competition that interests you
  • Step 2: Decide how many tickets you would like to purchase to enter the competition and add to cart (there will be a limit on each competition)
  • Step 3: Answer the associated question in order to confirm entry, incorrect entries will be charged but will not be entered into the prize draw (so make sure you get it correct!)
  • Step 4: Complete the purchase of the tickets and then share with your friends.
  • Step 5: Keep an eye on our facebook page and emails announcing the draw and tune in live!



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