Autofinesse Car Cleaning Bundle Or £200 Cash

Autofinesse Car Cleaning Bundle Or £200 Cash

Winner is: Pipez4867 Sollis

Ticket number: 361

Draw Details

Live draw on Thursday the 28th September 2023.

The draw takes place regardless of sell out.

The competition will close sooner if the maximum number of entries are received.

Live draw to be held on our facebook.

Entries only 99p

ONLY 399 tickets to be sold!

About this bundle

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of detailing, or you’re a seasoned professional with extremely discerning tastes, the Connoisseurs Kit offers only the very best in convenience, value and amazing results for every detail.

Containing over 25 specially-selected detailing and valeting products, this epic bundle is the largest we offer, the flagship, the daddy of all them all, and each specific item we’ve added along the way has been chosen by detailers for detailers to work together in harmony and take you through every stage from wheel cleaning and pre-washing, to polishing, protecting and finishing.

The ultimate kit for everyone from beginners making their first foray into extreme car care, to show car owners and even the most hardcore detailing enthusiasts, what we have here isn’t just an amazing base of fundamental detailing products to build on, but the most comprehensive kit available to see you safely through just about every detailing process. There’s so much more than just the basics, this range of amazing products is guaranteed to please the most demanding of connoisseurs, and bring just about any vehicle to a concours finish.

The Connoisseurs Kit includes the following products to take you through each of the essential detailing stages:

Wheel Cleaning
Imperial Wheel Cleaner (500ml)
Revolution Wheel Soap (500ml)

Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover (1 Litre)
Avalanche Snow Foam (1 Litre)

Contact Wash
Lather Car Shampoo (500ml)
Noodle Wash Mitt

Iron Out Contaminant Remover (500ml)
ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover (500ml)
Clay Bar (200g)
Glide Clay Lube (500ml)

Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel

Polishes & Glaze
Tripple All-in-One Polish (500ml)
Ultra Glaze Paint Glaze (500ml)
Microfibre Polish Pads
Mercury Metal Polish (250ml)

Glisten Spray Wax (500ml)
Mint Rims Wheel Wax (100ml)
Duo Edgeless Microfibre

All-purpose cleaning and Interiors
Verso All Purpose Cleaner (1 Litre)
Firm Detailing Brush Trio

Dressing and Finishing Products
Satin Tyre Crème (500ml)
Revive Trim Dressing (500ml)
Dressle All-purpose Dressing (500ml)
Handi Puck Kit

Crystal Glass Cleaner (500ml)
Glass Waffle Microfibre

Crew Bag
Hanging Air Freshener (Assorted)

The entry number is limited to 399.

This competition ends on 27th September 2023 6:00 pm (Europe/London), there is a limit of 399 entries per person.

To enter couldn’t be easier

  • Step 1: Find a competition that interests you
  • Step 2: Decide how many tickets you would like to purchase to enter the competition and add to cart (there will be a limit on each competition)
  • Step 3: Answer the associated question in order to confirm entry, incorrect entries will be charged but will not be entered into the prize draw (so make sure you get it correct!)
  • Step 4: Complete the purchase of the tickets and then share with your friends.
  • Step 5: Keep an eye on our facebook page and emails announcing the draw and tune in live!



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